24 April 10 • SCB

This week I wanted to share how to make a little scrubbie for your kitchen sink. It brings me a lot of pleasure to make simple and useful things, and I think this scrubbie is a great alternative to plastic. Inspiration struck one day, and I just used something that I had on hand—common garden twine found at most hardware stores. A hemp or linen cord would work great too—something rough hewn that will be mildly abrasive when knit up.

I am not much of a knitter, but I know the basics, and that’s all you really need to make this little scrubbie (this would be a great project for kid-knitters). I cast on about 12 stitches onto size 7 needles. Any medium size needles should do. Use your judgement as to how wide you’d like it to be. When my knitting (just basic garter stitch, but you could get fancy with a moss stitch) was long enough to fold over and form a square, I cast off.

To finish, I sewed it closed with a blanket stitch in contrasting heavy black thread. I stuffed it with wool stuffing—wool is resistant to water and naturally anti-bacterial. A piece of natural or synthetic sponge would work inside too.

Happy dishwashing!

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