24 July 09 • MAV

According to my memories our family vacations back in the day came in two variations: short trips across the state of Michigan to Detroit to see my grandparents or long trips across the United States to see “the sights”. Either scenario involved a cooler full of drinks, a tote bag packed with boxed snacks, a “navigator” who sat in the front seat to study the maps and countless fights between my brother and I over space in the backseat or which of us could make the best paper airplane.

As much as these memories make me who I am and I am sappily appreciative of them, I must say that trips to see my grandparents aside, I am much happier with the simple two hour drive up the coast for our family vacations these days.

This year at our cottage we have had (surprise, surprise) mostly rain so we have done a lot of eating, napping, drinking and on the other end of things, sadly, no swimming. Merde!

I have found that in my moments of pause I have tended to get lost in the deep evening blues the variations and palette of which I am a bit more familiar with now after Stephanie and my year of evenings.

It also seems that in the daytime the indigos and sapphires have followed me around as well reminding me that even though this has been one hell of a cold and wet summer there is a quiet grace and renewal in just a little bit of blue.