10 July 09 • MAV

The other night I had a long and wonderful dream about swimming. When I woke up I was so sad that it was raining and cold and it was nearly July and I had not even dipped my toes into a warm and wonderful pond. I just wanted to turn over and go back to my dreams.

I love swimming. When I was little my parents used to take me and my brother to Lake Michigan quite often (in my head it was every Sunday even though I’m sure I’m making that up) and we would lose so many hours playing in the warm water waves. When I got home and tucked into bed I would still feel the waves moving my body slowly and deliberately and it was hard to go to sleep with the motion inside of me.

Today was my first swim of the season and perfectly so it was done with a dear friend, Erica. The first swim can sometimes be as nerve-wreaking as it is rousing. I am the type who walks in a few feet and stands for a bit to let my body get used to the temperature. I sort of feel like it’s my way of introducing myself to the water. ‘Hi, I’m MAV.’

When I finally do feel ready (usually I’m either the first or the last one in) I like to dive under full force and come up feeling triumphant. In my head, life is all about celebrating and appreciating small successes and the quick dive is a perfect way to ensure that a swimming day will be a day of such achievements.

Today we had goosebumps when we got out of the water, and for hours afterward (at least I did), but I know as the summer moves on those goosebumps will be replaced with golden hues and through it all I will once again continue to be tucked in at night with the motion of the gorgeous and refreshing water in my heart and mind.