26 June 09 • SCB

This week I felt inspired to begin documenting my evenings again as MAV and I have been preparing our book, 3191: Evenings.

The evenings project was not an easy one for me. It was a tremendously stressful year for our family. Finding the time and energy to take a photo each weekday, often in low light conditions, was challenging. Unlike the mornings project, there were times when it felt like a burden. I was just plain tired a lot of the time.

But as I sort through the photos and prepare them for the book, I don’t see that tiredness. I see moments where everything falls away, when things get quiet for just one second. I see that there is more than just my life and my challenges, that I share this space with someone else. Sometimes her life parallels mine, sometimes it provides a much-needed contrast.

I can see now how much I needed the evenings project that year, how sustaining and inspiring it truly was. I can’t wait to share it with you all in a new form.