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A Year of Mornings

On January 1, 2007, we began posting daily photographs of our mornings. These intimate snapshots, unposed and never discussed beforehand, were posted side by side throughout the year. Originally meant as an intimate exercise between two new friends, the blog eventually began to attract thousands of daily visitors. We were thrilled to have Princeton Architectural Press publish the entire collection of photographs in book form in 2008. The book form is the only place these photographs can be found.

… these are vignettes of simple everyday things: a cup of coffee, soft-boiled eggs, rain boots kicked off at the front door, the stem of a flower, many crumpled napkins, many spoons. Though the two women were 3,191 miles apart the images are complementary in their color and composition more often than not. Sometimes startlingly so. The blog, and the book that followed after a year’s worth of images (and 3,000 visitors a day from Australia to Iceland), capture the rhythms of everyday life, often surprising the viewer by the sheer beauty of the most quotidian element. That each woman paused to record the curve of a daughter’s ear, a bowl of cereal or a shadow cast across the floor before sitting down in front of a computer is an act that carries with it the most clichéd, yet essential, of all messages: stop and smell the roses (and the coffee, the toast, the morning air). We’re living in difficult times, and it seems it’s exactly these tiny details and fleeting moments that can offer us the most solace and even joy. —Allison Arieff, The New York Times

A Year of Mornings, now in its fourth printing, has been featured on The Martha Stewart Show, Dooce, and The Mornings News along with many print publications such as Free & Easy, Monocle and Real Simple.

A Year of Mornings can be purchased at Amazon, Princeton Architectural Press and through independent boutiques and booksellers worldwide.

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3191: Evenings

Reluctant to end our daily collaboration at the close of 3191: A Year of Mornings, we embarked on a new project in January of 2008. Self-espoused “morning people”, we set out to explore and document our evening hours. 3191: Evenings chronicled the evening project and our daily diptychs in book form. Published by Other Books in a limited run in 2009, 3191: Evenings has since completely sold out.

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3191 Quarterly

3191 Quarterly, our publication which was first released on August 13, 2010, is published four times a year. In 3191Q, we share our perspective with recipes, projects, storytelling, photographs and much more. All content is created especially for and is exclusive to 3191Q; you will not find it here on 3191 Miles Apart. Stories include forays around Oregon and Maine, favorite seasonal food and drink, simple projects, and inspirational tips and imagery. Check out our available issues in the shop.

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