20 June 14 • MAV


Just in time for the summer solstice here in the States, my new early summer Beauty & Use Collection is in the shop!


Everyone who knows me well knows I am way more into black than blue but I break that rule entirely in the summer. I can’t get enough blue! This navy linen scarf is no exception.


I guess it’s to be expected that I love stripes since I live in Maine. I’m not ashamed to fit in with the crowd!


A crisp white tank is going to be my go-to piece this summer. I don’t wear a lot of tight things and this piece is both breezy and simply beautiful.


Probably my favorite piece in the collection, I am excited to have heard your feedback about this one already through Instagram. I love the vintage look to this fabric. It will never go out of style.


Every woman needs a silk tank. I know it’s an investment, especially when cut and sewn by hand here in Maine, but it should last just as long as you do! Silk only gets better. As my friends at Scratch Baking Co. say, treat yourself, don’t cheat yourself.


Again with the stripes? YES! This classy linen scarf is my nod to the simplicity of well-made Irish linen.

* * *

Thanks for checking out my new Beauty & Use Collection. As ever, everything is made with love here in Maine and is very limited in stock. I hope you love it as much as I do! Special thanks to our own Evan for modeling … such a beauty. xo