9 June 14 • MAV


As SCB chose to show you outtakes from Quarterly, No 14 this week, I am choosing to show you outtakes from Quarterly, No. 15. Oh, sure, that issue is not out yet and we have not started to work on it (look for it in August), but I just know in my gut that these photographs, all shot by me on film, won’t make the issue.


When we lay out our issues of Quarterly we do it in a very organic way. There are no editorial meetings or concept boards. We just want to show you our photographs, taken in real time, mixed in with some other every day bits of our lives. We want you to see something special in our photographs because we took them and because they blend in and overlap with whatever is going on in your world. We want you to feel inspired because you feel something. (These are our hopes, anyway.)


Why won’t these photographs make the next issue? Oh, I don’t know if I can really tell you in words on a computer … it’s just a feeling I have. The film is either too expired and it won’t print well on paper (logistics, really) or there is something just ever so slightly off about the photo.


That said, this is my life and I love these photographs. This is what I am seeing and doing and what I am choosing to capture on my camera in the day to day. SCB does the very same thing. We are photographers for a living but also as a way of living.


We share with you the people whom we love and whom love us, we share with you the adventures we go on and the very mundane everyday moments seen through our lenses. Without you, there would be no sharing.


At the end of this year 3191 Miles Apart will be eight years old. The Quarterly will have run through four years of issues. What does it all mean? Not much in the larger cosmic sense, I suppose. But it does mean something to us now. It means something deeply powerful and important. Thank you for being a part of 3191. Thank you.