15 September 13 • MAV

This week I am the reluctant “model” for my own favorite autumn styles. (I’ve talked autumn investments here and autumn palette here before.) I am not ready to get out the wool sweater bin (no way, no how) so I will be digging around in my “in between” seasons clothes. This is what I’m into. Let me know what you’re into? Email pics to photos(at)3191milesapart.com.

Top: Wearing my boyfriends suit jackets. Love the big size! I double or triple roll the sleeves. Suit jackets are a great thing to thrift. Hit the men’s section and look for all wool. You’ll score every time.

Wearing a sweatshirt with a “fancier” scarf. Love mixing sport with “lady-like.” (This scarf is one of mine. You can find it here.)

UPDATE: We decided to give you $10 off on my woven scarves this week. Hip hip!!!

Mixing prints. (My Sleeveless!) Can’t get enough of a fun and sometimes nonsensical mix.

Over-sized shirts. I’ve been into this relaxed look, if you can call it that, really it’s just comfort, for years … still feeling it.

Monochrome. Am super into wearing all the same color. Mostly it’s black on black … sometimes it’s navy or red or even pink. All one color says simplicity to me. Love it. (My deep red woven scarf can be found here.)

And that’s a wrap!
“One more photo, MAV!” … “Alright alright. Ugh. There!”
— Special thanks to RTS for taking these pics. xoxo.