2 August 13 • MAV

This weekend we are doing something we have never done before here at 3191 Miles Apart: we are having a CLEAR OUT in our shop.

If you lived on our street, this would be considered the tag sale of the season, and we would be the ones with hand-made signs painted with bright pink and blue arrows pointing straight to our little yard of goodies.

Special Pricing On Select Items
$15 Issues Of 3191 Quarterly
Free Worldwide Shipping
—————->> right this way

If you know me at all, you know that I love a good clear out. I go through my own things every few months. So when our team looked at the coming fall season, and all we have going on in our shop (oh boy do we have some fun plans), we knew we had to get some of the treasures on our shelves out … and fast!

For my part — I have shaved some bucks off the price of my last several Smock No. 11′s and my last few Tank No. 6′s. These two pieces are super lovely and I’ll tell you, these prices will not be offered again.

For SCB’s part — She is offering special prices on some last pieces from her latest Collection. Seriously? Yes!

For those pondering our 3191 Quarterly — There has never been a better time to nab your copies. $15 Quarterlies is straight up awesome. We are excited to get our labor of love out to the people. Your Quarterly awaits you.

Last but not least — As a treat to everyone who orders this weekend, we are giving you free worldwide shipping. Use the code CLEAROUT upon check-out to get free shipping on your order. We realize that prices at the post office have gone up in the last few years, and therefore so has our shipping, so this free shipping gift is our way of saying “thank you” for ordering with us throughout these last years. Have a little free shipping, won’t you? Thank you!

We hope you have a fun weekend and have a little time to pop over to our yard, I mean our shop, for our CLEAR OUT WEEKEND. This specialness lasts through Monday, August 5th at 8 p.m. EST. Have fun!