23 June 13 • MAV

So, this is happening!

You may remember Lynsey, our beautiful Beauty & Use model, and my dear friend. She’s 34 weeks pregnant with a sweet baby boy. We are all thrilled around these parts!

I have summer essentials on my mind and thought it might be fun this week to start by showing you how Lynsey’s Smocks are fitting her these days (the Smock being one of my summer essentials—quick note: there are a few No. 11 Smocks left here if you are in the market).

Above: The very first Smock … Smock No. 1. I still get emails from friends who wear theirs all the time. That makes me so happy! I’ve always loved Lynsey in pink. She’s nearly grown out of this one (temporarily, of course) so it was so awesome to see her in it today.

Above: Smock No. 5. Italian shirting. This is one that Lynsey got in size two (she’s usually size one), upon my urging, because I loved the over-sized look/feel of this fabric on her (she’s wearing size two in these photos). Who knew that she’d need the little bit of extra room in the size two these days? Love it.

Above: The newest Smock in her collection … the More & Co. Go Play Smock. Just too awesome on her. She and I have to call each other and let each other know when we will be wearing this one so we don’t show up in the same Smock. I love it with bright colored shorts and basic blue jeans. So cheerful. I think Lynsey will be in this one until the baby comes (and for a long time after that)!

: : :

Moving on to other basics … you’ll have to forgive me for photographs of myself being missing in this dispatch. I had a wardrobe meltdown/malfunction (long story) so I just laid out two of my favorite summer outfits these days.

Top: My Tank No. 4 with high-waisted pleated shorts and a skinny belt. I love the Tanks tucked in. That’s how I always wear them. I will post a few photographs of myself in my Tanks on our Instagram this week so keep your eye out. There are a few Tanks left here. Email me (mav{at}3191milesapart.com) if you want to talk sizing or styling.

Below: One of my many striped shirts and my essential white jeans. I’m pretty much wearing this sort of outfit every other day right now. Love how crisp and summery it looks and feels. Sure, I’m not breaking any new fashion grounds with stripes and whites but who needs to break grounds anyway?

: : :

Smocks and Tanks. Definitely a huge part of my summer essentials. I will have more summer essentials coming your way soon and I’ll certainly keep you posted as to the arrival of our new little friend … Lynsey’s due in 6 weeks!

Special thanks to Lynsey (you’re so beautiful!) and RTS for photography. As you can see above I was busy fussing with the details so RTS took the shots (love them, Ry).