24 March 13 • MAV

This week we got to say a big GOODBYE to winter. It’s officially spring!

Sure, here in Maine we had a big snowstorm on the first day of spring but still, I was saying it loud and proud: GOODBYE, winter. GOODBYE!

Each year, as March ends and April begins, I like to pull out a sheet of paper and make a “Springtime MAV List.”

I set some small goals for April and May. After being cooped up by winter months, I can feel a little lost and I find that I just need some goals. I think about creative goals, relationship/friendship goals and nourishment and wellness goals. I try to be realistic about what simple things might help me get rid of the winter dullness.

This year I’m thinking of a mish-mash of beach walks, yoga, happy hour drinks with friends, green veggies, oats, play-dates with my nephews, lavender & rose essential oil, early wake-up-times, nettle tea, lots of laughing, new make-up, vitamin C and most of all, cotton. I am so over wool!

So join me in saying GOODBYE to winter (at least those of you on this season cycle) and HELLO to spring. Maybe you might want to get out a piece of paper and make your own “Springtime List?” Let me know what you find on yours, I’d love to hear. (Email me at mav{at}3191milesapart.com.)

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All images are film photograph outtakes from the Deep Winter gallery from 3191 Quarterly, Issue No. 11. This new issue releases on May 17, 2013. NOTE: We have just a handful of copies of Issue No. 9 left … it’s nearly gone!