8 March 13 • SCB

This week I found myself revisiting 3191 Quarterly Issue No. 10 quite a few times. I hope that those of you that have received the issue are enjoying it as well.

When I came across some beautiful marbled paper at the art store, I knew I had to fold it into some paper stars.

My son taught me how to make these, and I am really happy to share the simple instructions with you. You can go really, really big with the stars or teeny tiny as I did here. Parties, kid’s rooms, gifts—there are many ways to have fun with these. Do send us photos if you make some (photos {at} 3191milesapart.com).

We also made MAV’s Lemon Spaghetti. Simple, but with a punch of flavor, it was a hit with my kids. I love how easy it is to customize it to your taste. I topped mine with a big handful of fresh arugula. Someone mentioned on Instagram adding a dollop of ricotta.

MAV offers her advice in two of the pieces in Q10—one on lotions and potions and another, Clear It Out, on organizing and paring down your wardrobe. Boy did I need to do this! I set aside a morning, put on the new Yo La Tengo album, and followed her instructions to the letter. Liberating! Now I have a list of wardrobe needs that I’ll refer to when the shopping impulse hits.

I have to admit, while I filled up two bags of clothes for donation, I did not part with any of my scarves (MAV and I also each step into our closets to share our favorite scarves in this issue).


You can find 3191Q Issue No. 10 in our shop (and see the full table of contents…there’s so much more to see!) or visit one of our stockists. Also, if you have yet to purchase Issue No. 9, please note that we only have a handful of copies left!