3 February 13 • SCB

So, it’s February. I quite love winter. I love the change to the landscape. I love the cozy, dark evenings. I love dressing in layers. I am not terribly bothered by cold or wet weather. However, I still find myself dragging a bit and my mood getting a little dark come February. I wanted to share some of my tips for making it through to springtime. I have done this before, but I thought we could all use a reminder (especially me!).

Get out. I know that some of you have quite extreme weather conditions, but most of us merely have inconvenient ones. Bundle up. Invest in boots that keep your feet dry and that you can wear year after year. Walk—around the block or for miles and miles—any little bit will help. When the sun does come out, make time to be in it, rearrange your schedule to spend the afternoon at the park or just take fifteen minutes to have your coffee on the front steps. When the sun is not out, when it is wet and cold and blustery, go out anyway; you will not regret it—I promise. It is not just about getting exercise (going to the gym doesn’t count), it is about being out in the world.

Take care. Drink water. I can easily pass the water glass up for a hot cup of coffee in the winter months which is why I drink hot infused water this time of year. Make sure your diet is full of fresh fruit and vegetables (this means buying produce that is not local for me, but it is worth it—frozen fruits and vegetables are great too). I eat a lot of grapefruit in the winter months (I really crave it!). I have it on its own or in a salad or smoothie (you can find my grapefruit smoothie recipe in 3191Q Issue No. 8).

Brighten things up. My favorite way to brighten my home is to bring in plants and flowers, but I like to brighten up my food a bit too. Winter cooking and vegetables can start to feel a little heavy, so I add fresh herbs (I buy potted ones which do double-duty). Lemon zest is the smell of happiness for me, and I find myself adding it to everything from my granola (before I bake it) to salad dressing to soups. The roasted potatoes above were tossed with lemon zest and rosemary.

Get things done. Take advantage of dark evening spent indoors. Put on a movie, podcast, or favorite album and get busy with a small project that you can complete successfully. Pick up a handiwork project (I am working on my next collection for the shop). Organize a drawer. Sort through paperwork for tax season. Write an overdue thank you note. When spring comes, you will have something to show for the dark days of winter.

Hope this helps. Happy February!