18 January 13 • MAV

I grew up in Muskegon, Michigan just off the lake. In Muskegon we got a ton of snow in the winter! When I was little (I was a little shorty pants and I guess still am) the piles along the sidewalks were much taller than I was. They towered over me (as you might remember me mentioning before)! My love affair with snow started back then and is still very strong today.

This week we had a fairly nice-sized snow storm and I was so happy. I love a day when I don’t have to take the car out for anything and can just venture out everywhere on foot. I love a day where big snowflakes fall all day long. It’s so cheerful to me (as long as I don’t have to travel, of course)!

As an adult my very favorite part of a snow day has shifted from sunny afternoon playtime to the dark nighttime. The hours after the snow has finished and it has grown still outside. That’s when I usually head outside for an adventure.

I love the textures and sounds of fresh snow. The way it pulls on the branches. The t-t-t-t-sound of my boots driving into it as I walk. I love climbing the little mountains of it and stamping my feet in where no one else has.

And I love the quiet. (This tree spoke to me. I stood and stared for many minutes.)

The snow has already melted mostly and is certainly not on the trees anymore. I can’t wait for the next snow day so I can go out again after dark welcoming the fresh snow and tipping my cap to the winter.