12 January 13 • SCB

Happy New Year!! I am so happy to be back in this space and am very excited for all MAV and I have in store for 2013.

I have some fun news to share with you today. Quince & Co. has released our collaboration, Interwoven, as an e-book. Previously available as a limited edition printed book (I wrote about our collaboration with Quince & Co. in this post and MAV wrote about it here), Interwoven has been sold out for quite some time, so it is really great to have it back out in the world.

In the Interwoven e-book, you’ll find instructions for The Puffin and The Tern braided necklaces. All you need is two skeins of yarn (which is enough to make several necklaces). An advantage of the e-book is that you can download the PDF and browse the instructions and colorways before you decide on which style and yarns you’d like to use.

Along with the necklace instructions, you’ll find pages and pages of photos of our inspiration, process and styling options—48 pages in all.

Interwoven is available individually as a PDF download as well as a gift set paired with a skein each of Tern and Puffin yarn available in three different colorways. After re-visiting Interwoven this week, I was inspired to make another cozy Puffin necklace for myself. I used the gorgeous heathered Puffin wool yarn in the Iceland colorway and bound it with Tern in Stonington. If you are looking ahead to spring and summer, I think the Tern necklace instructions would work beautifully with Quince & Co.’s newer 100% organic linen Sparrow yarn.

Thanks Quince & Co.!