23 November 12 • SCB

I hope everyone who celebrates had a fantastic Thanksgiving. We shared a wonderful meal at my parents’ house. The turkey was cooked on the barbecue rotisserie to perfection, and our plates were filled to overflowing with all of our favorite veggies and sides. I just barely had room for pie. Today I am making good work of the leftovers. I have turkey broth simmering, a pan of enchiladas in the works (one half squash, one half turkey), an egg was baked in a nest of stuffing for lunch, sweet potatoes will go into some Three-P soup for the freezer, and cranberry sauce will top my yogurt and granola tomorrow morning (this morning I had pie for breakfast).

I love the quiet time of Thanksgiving. I ignore the shopping and buying frenzy and instead settle in with my family and think to the season ahead. It has been a hectic fall, and, in many ways, I feel like I am just coming up for air. I am grateful for so much this year—my happy family and kind friends, the creative work I get to do every day, the 3191 and More & Co teams, my amazing, talented, and supportive work partner MAV, and you all—the 3191 community—that makes it all possible. Thank you!


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