28 October 12 • MAV

With a massive storm coming our way here on the east coast, I have been having a hard time not feeling sad for the leaves. Of course I feel worried for the people in harms way as well, that’s not us here in Maine really, but the leaves have been speaking to me directly. I see them on their branches, hanging on for dear life, and know by tomorrow evening most of them will be forced down to the ground. With winds of 45 mph or more here in Maine how could they not be?

Now, I know it’s the tree that is actually forcing the leaves off. It’s all a part of evolution and I totally get it. I understand that the trees are preparing for winter and they need all the sustenance they can muster so it’s goodbye leaves! But still … the extra wind … it’s going to be hard on my leaf friends.

So, today I took a leaf walk. I wanted to share a few quick photographs with you so we could take a moment of pause for the leaves. Those of you who have Issue No. 8 know how I feel about pressing leaves and keeping them “alive” in this way. I still remember the first leaf collection I made back in elementary school. (I wonder if my parents have it?)

I marvel … each leaf is unique and individual, colorful and ever-changing. Look at all the beautiful shapes! Even the little ones have something bold to say. And on a closer look the details are just so extraordinary.

I’ll be trying to keep calm tomorrow as I see them whipping around in the air. Leaves, I’m thinking of you. And moreover I wish everyone in the path of the storm safety and calm too. Be well, friends.