8 September 12 • SCB

I truly love to create projects for this space and for 3191 Quarterly. A great deal of thought and planning goes into creating and refining projects to the point that I feel they are both appealing and attainable by even a novice crafter. After all the testing and creating and writing and photographing, it is a real thrill to have people respond well and make the projects. I always feel that things have finally come full circle when I start to see the projects made by others, so I was super excited to see our east coast team’s weavings a couple weeks ago. The best part for me was to see the ways in which everyone put their own little spin on the instructions (full instructions can be found in 3191Q Issue No. 8). I felt newly inspired to head to my yard and bring in some trimmings from the lilac and laurel bushes.

I loved how Evan worked her branch into an oval shape, and I decided to give it a try. As an experiment, I left some of the foliage on the branch and will watch and see how this one changes as it hangs on my studio wall.

The chevron pattern that Chloe created was just fabulous. I had been wanting to make a mini-weaving with embroidery floss, and this pattern suited it perfectly. This one went to my daughter as it features her favorite (of the moment) bright coral color.

A Special Invitation:

MAV and I love the community that has grown around our 3191 projects over the years. It is incredibly heartwarming to have the support of the folks that have been following us since A Year of Mornings while at the same time to be making friends with so many new folks who are just discovering us. We couldn’t do this without you all, and we have been trying to think of ways that we can include you at 3191 Miles Apart. We decided to create a space on this site where we can share your 3191-inspired work. We would love to share photos of the projects and recipes you’ve made from 3191 Miles Apart or 3191Q. Perhaps you’ve been inspired by our collaboration in some other way? Please share. We can link back to your own site or blog, or if you prefer to remain anonymous, that’s okay too. Send your photos (or links) to photos {at} 3191milesapart.com, and we will assemble them into an album for everyone to share. Please don’t be shy! We can’t wait to hear from you.