6 July 12 • MAV

Hi everyone! While it was nice to be “away” I missed our little space here at 3191 Miles Apart. Glad to be back home!

I thought I’d give you a little tour of what my summer has looked like so far. For me the summer truly starts on the solstice (this year it was June 20th), and this year has been no exception, so I really feel like things are just beginning. It’s a nice feeling.

I have (seen up top here with my oldest nephew, Miles, and my sweetie) spent a good deal of time barefoot. This is a necessity for me in the summer.

I’ve worked through some creative ideas. I spent a week making drawing after drawing of lines in various colors and in various lengths. Then the concept morphed into painting and things became a bit more free. You can see a few of my painting playings here. Still feeling very much into lines. Not sure what that’s about?!

I ate a ton of strawberries (even got a little rash on my tummy as per usual but didn’t bother me in the least) and now the Maine strawberry season is already over. Sob!

I’ve seen a couple of rainbows but this one was by far the most amazing. It was wide and round and we could see the entire color spectrum. There is something about a rainbow that really turns me into a kid again. I am still in awe of them.

I’ve enjoyed a few cocktails but am feeling more into chilled red wine this summer. I am trying hard not to overdo it on rosé because lately I get headaches the morning after (ugh). This here is a homemade negroni and I only had a sip but it was delicious.

And most of all I have done a lot of wandering. I’ve walked and walked on paths of grass, sat on docks, swam in the ocean, put my feet in the sand. I’ve stopped at barn sales by the side of the road and sat on a picnic table watching the moon. My schedule has not slowed down as much as I’d like it to (still working pretty much 7 days a week) but I have tried to make a bit of time every day for summer. There is so much more to be had! I am happy to be back here so I can share it all with you.

In the coming weeks you can look for a surprise in our shop on July 13th, a much needed update to my Portland Guide for those of you who might be making a trip to Maine this summer, sneak previews of our 3191 Quarterly, Issue No. 8 and plenty more summer fun. Thanks for being here.