3 June 12 • MAV

Sometimes in a quiet moment I like to open my digital photo archives and look back to exactly one year. It’s just a nice way for me to remind myself of how much time has passed and try to sit with it … try to not take it for granted. All the changes, decisions, loves, stresses, shifts (etc etc etc) that happen in one year are so so great, aren’t they? Time passes quickly and we tend not to pause. I thought I’d pause today on one year ago this week. Here goes …

One year ago this week I got a new nephew. Best week ever. Gussie, happy birthday! I love you so little muffin!

One year ago I painted my toes bright orange/red for the first time ever. I’ve been getting pedicures for the last several years and I always go pale light pink no matter what. I’ve done bright pink one other time before this orange/red, one year ago, and then I have been back on pale pink since. Should I go back to orange/red again? Why did I even go with this bright color? Hmm.

One year ago I bought my first peonies of the season at the farmers market. Peonies are my absolute favorite. I am wondering if I’ll be doing the exact same this coming week … I’ll let you know.

One year ago I made my very first rhubarb compote. I didn’t use a recipe, which was a mistake actually, so it turned out just okay. I have not cooked/baked with rhubarb since. What’s that all about?

One year ago I was sporting a very short haircut. Now I’m “growing it out” and it can fit into a ponytail. Who cares about haircuts one year later, really, but I do remember feeling very freed by lopping off my long locks in the early Spring. I wonder what sort of haircut I’ll have next year at this time? I wonder what is to come in the next 365 days?