23 March 12 • MAV

I call this post: Letter To A Best Friend.


I love the way you keep everything in your home in its place.

I love the way you cherish things.

I love that on every dresser top there is a small art show.

I love that you have a pink perfume sprayer.

I love how you arrange things.

I love that you have so many little treasures.

I love that you have plants hanging in your bathroom.

I love that you make every day seem so special.

I love that spending time with you lingers on and on.

I love you.


: : :

When I travel to Portland, Oregon I am lucky enough to see two dear friends: Stephanie and my friend, Hilary. Hilary and I have known each other almost 20 years. I thought her home might inspire you as much as it did me.


I hope you don’t mind that while you were out at work I crept around your flat and took these photographs.
x, M