30 December 11• SCB

A few New Year’s resolutions:

* Shake up my morning routine. Instead of heading straight for the coffee press, I am going to try to do some yoga first thing. Just ten or fifteen minutes to start, and we’ll see where that takes me.

* Master making a proper poached egg. Love poached eggs. Have never tried to make one. Better yet, make a poached egg for MAV when she comes to visit this year.

* Organize all the drawers in my house. I have drawers that I just don’t open anymore! That’s silly. Time for a big clean-out. Who knows what I’ll find?

* Wear lipstick. I don’t really wear make-up and am not one to be particularly concerned about my looks, but I thought I might try to find the right lipstick this year.

* More crazy dance parties with my kids. Before they become self-conscious teenagers.


The photo above is one from this summer. Missing that intense light!

Happiest New Year to you all! See you in 2012.