18 November 11 • MAV

It’s here!

Our new year of 3191 Quarterly has officially began. It’s a pretty great feeling knowing how far we’ve come (our 3191 Miles Apart partnership will be 5 years old on January 1, 2012!) and not to mention holding this new issue in my hands. I’ve been smitten for the last few weeks.

Let me show you a few of my favorite spreads …

This is from my piece entitled, “I Dream Of Roses”. I’m so in love with roses. Are you?

My favorite new addition to Q is the commemorative seasonal photo gallery that will be tucked into the middle of every issue. With Issue No. 5 we’re remembering “Deep Summer, 2011″ and it couldn’t feel better to look back at these photographs and feel once again the warmth and freedom of summertime. In the spread shown just up top here Stephanie really captures a fleeting light and a sense of the relaxed moment so well. I love these two images of her kids next to each other. In the bottom spread you can see a photograph I took this summer up in Southwest Harbor, Maine. The sun was setting and you can just catch a glimmer of that light on the water in the upper left-hand corner of the frame. It was a beautiful night.

Admittedly I’m a little jealous that Stephanie gets to go blackberry picking every year. Why have I not started such a tradition? Her blackberry-picking spot looks amazing too and it’s right on the water. In fact it was so amazing that we chose one of her blackberry-picking images for the cover. Gorgeous! Meantime I have not made her blackberry crisp yet but it’s on my list!

Lastly some of my own favorite photographs from Issue No. 5. These foggy images are from a piece about Cushing, Maine. We have fog in every season here in Maine but there is something about the summer fogs. They just have a certain smell and a gentle quietness. I love that I can turn to this spread and feel that once again.

: : :

Cheers to everyone who has already ordered their copy of Issue No. 5 or subscribed to the four-issue offering for 2011/2012. You may find us harping on about this a bit over the next few weeks but we want to be sure you know: subscriptions are closing on December 11, 2011 for good. They will not be available again. If you are interested in getting all four issues (Issues No. 5–8) now is really the time to commit. You get one free! We’re so happy to be able to extend this limited offer to you.

I want to heartily thank you for sharing in 3191 Miles Apart and 3191 Quarterly with us. We really do love what we do.