2 September • SCB

I love to make things.

As my life has changed, my children have grown, and new opportunities have weaved in and out if my life, somehow the making, the tinkering and playing, has taken a back seat. So it was with great excitement when the folks at Quince & Co. put a pile of the softest, most lovely yarn in my hands and gave me the opportunity to make again.

For weeks, I knotted and wove and twisted and tied, looking for something I could share with MAV and, eventually, you. I think I found just the right thing. You’ll find it in our Interwoven collaboration, ready for release next week.

More than just a how-to, Interwoven is a true collaboration between MAV and me. We share all the things that brought this project together—a love of craft, but also a love of home, color, comfort and the natural world.

I am really excited to be able to share this whole project with you and get this Quince & Co. yarn into your hands. You are going to love it. I hope you’ll make something.