12 August 11 • SCB

Hello! Welcome to our new site!

I love being to the right of MAV again. It just feels right.

Summer came late to Oregon. When everyone else was melting in the heat wave, we were still shuffling around in our wool socks. Eventually, the sun came and the berries ripened and we shed our layers and jumped in the river, but there were a few weeks there when it was all in question. We had to just celebrate what we had which was long days, good sleeping weather, and time together. Time together is the best part of summer for me. (Just as time alone is my favorite part of autumn).

The last few weeks represent the longest break we’ve taken from posting in some form since we started A Year of Mornings in January of 2007. The respite was welcome, and it allowed us some time to create this space and work on some other projects, but, boy, it’s great to be back. 3191 has become part of the rhythm of my life, and I missed it.

I hope that you will enjoy the new format, and that you will be able to more easily find your favorite posts in our newly organized archives. Last month our old site was down for a day and three different folks emailed me desperate for access to favorite recipes—they are all there, don’t worry. We will be continuing our diptych tradition as well with A Year of Sundays starting this week. Those quiet side-by-side moments are still important to MAV and me. They often say what I can’t quite put into words here.

In this space, we will continue to do what we have been doing which is to share a little bit of our lives each week. We will bridge those 3191 miles with access to our kitchens, our bookshelves, our communities and our travels. My hope is that 3191 Miles Apart will always stay as intimate and earnest as those very first photos posted back in 2007. Thank you so much for joining us.

Film snapshots are from our camping trip to Orcas Island, Washington last week. Hammock swinging in the trees, exploring Cascade Lake by paddle boat and kayak—we had a great time. I’ll have more to share from beautiful Orcas at a later date.