6 February 11 • MAV

It has been quite a winter here in Maine. The other night I was wandering home during a blizzard and realized the snow drift outside my front door was as tall as me!

Being that I’m a winter girl, I’ve written about this sort of thing in the past, I thought I’d share a few ways that I kick the winter blues. Nothing monumental … just little every day things that make me so happy during the snowed in moments of this long season.

: : :

+ (Image up top.) Drink lots of hot tea. I love the stuff! And a dear reader knitted me some cozies for my mason jars (thank you, Lorna!) so now even the tea seems more snug. Tea is an automatic pick-me-up for this girl.

+ Add more blankets to my home. I layer up blankets not only on my bed but near my couch and other sitting areas so they are easy to reach and even when I am not using them they remind me of warmth. Here we can see that Charlie agrees with my tactic!

+ Use my hot water bottle every night. Seriously, I love my hot water bottle. I fill it up about an hour before I am going to get in bed and lay it on my pillow. This way it’s already warmed the spot where I will lay my head. Brilliant!

+ Eat lots of brightly colored food. Citrus is, of course, the best winter choice. It just makes me feel so happy to break into an orange and smell the goodness. Come March I stop eating citrus entirely so I really enjoy it while it lasts.

+ Get a summer hair cut. This past week I went into my stylist and said, ‘chop it off!’ She cut off 8 inches and I feel like a new person. Yes. I know it’s not summer and I should probably not have my summer cut this early but hell, I’ve got to do something to keep the winter blues away!

Stay happy and warm, friends!