23 January 11 • MAV

Really excited to bring to you a recommendation I have been researching for some time now. Often in my life I work on projects for the 3191 Miles Apart audience sort of on the side. This is one of them. I love having a little bag of tricks for you all. Keeps life fun! So I’ll get straight to it … looking forward to hearing from you on this one.


By now it’s a well known fact: there are just not as many good magazines out there anymore. Back in the day I could easily find myself with subscriptions to some nine or ten magazines and buying another two or three off the shelf monthly. Magazines were as much a part of my life as water or coffee. These days, however, I barely find one each month I want to invest in.

You see, I look at magazines as just that: an investment. I buy one, live with it for a while and then when I do one of my usual clearouts I tear off the pages I want to keep and file them in various folders such as inspiration, recipes, decor, etc. I have some random pages or articles which are likely many years old and I still pull them out and look at them quite often. My magazine pages are as important to me as any piece of art in my home or any book.

So well over a year ago I started purchasing Whole Living. It was under another name at the time (Body + Soul) and I was attracted to the content right away. I was, of course, skeptical because I was starting to see a trend in magazines (especially coming out of big publishers) that I just didn’t respect—tons of advertising, low quality of writing, more focus on what you should buy rather than what you might like to know or learn about. I had my suspicions that Body + Soul was going to be much the same but I dug in, figured at least a full year was a good assessment time-frame, and decided to dedicate to it. Truly, I missed my magazines!

Well I’ve been surprised over the last year to find that I have been consistently pleased with Whole Living. I really like this magazine. It’s down to earth and I always find the reading enjoyable and informative without being overwhelming with regards to what you should and shouldn’t be doing, cooking or buying. I usually rip out a few recipes, a couple pages of beautiful imagery or even a concoction for a new natural face scrub or an example of a little workout routine. I like that the focus of this magazine is healthy and happy living but they are giving you reasonable ways to get involved in those movements and concepts. They seem dedicated to making the content solid and at the same time attractive.

It takes a lot for me to recommend something (my standards are high, sometimes too high) so if you’re like me and you’ve been missing good magazines I really think you might check out Whole Living. Give it a try and I’ll be curious to hear what you think (email: hello(at)iammav.com)!