5 December 10 • SCB

This week I wanted to share a simple no-sew bunting for trimming your tree or other holiday decorating (it’s a great all-year decoration, really). I like to keep things pretty simple during the holidays, but I usually make a different bunting, garland or paper chain every year for our tree. This year, I wanted something natural and rustic with just a touch of black.

I put this bunting together with things I had on hand—hemp twine, cotton gingham, dupioni silk and linen remnants. Any twine, string or yarn will do. Do make sure you use natural fibers as synthetics don’t handle the heat of the iron well.

The trick to the no-sew bunting is a heat-set fusible web (it is one of my crafting secret weapons). I use Steam-A-Seam which comes in sheets and can be found at most fabric stores. I cut the sheets in strips about 1.5 inches wide (you can vary the size according to how big you’d like your little flags to be). Place each strip of web on a piece of fabric twice as wide.

Trim your strip into smaller pieces that are as wide as you’d like your flags to be. Fold the fabric over your twine and set the adhesive with your iron (follow the instructions on your package). You can keep your flags as little squares or trim them into triangles with fabric shears.

All set! Nothing left to do except trim your tree, mantle, or window with your bunting (I also like to wrap presents with it. The recipient can hang it up afterwords.) Happy decorating.