20 June 10 • MAV

With the solstice just a day away I can finally mark that the season has changed and we are now in the beginnings of one of the very best seasons here in Maine.

Welcome Summertime!

My relationship with Summer has been a mixed one. I actually used to really dislike Summer if you can believe it. It was warmer (I’m not good in the heat) and the generally sunny weather always made me feel edgy. I woke in the morning feeling as if I had to get out and ‘enjoy it while it lasts’ even if I couldn’t because of work or life or just because I didn’t feel like it. There was just too much pressure!

In the last few years, however, things have changed quite drastically. I adore Summertime! I think becoming a less high-strung person helps (big round of applause to my therapist here) and I also think truly understanding what this season is all about helps too.

I believe if you play your cards right every single thing about Summer can and should be special. It’s a magical season and should be treated as such. Even if you’re getting home from work at the same time as in the Spring or Fall you still have a few extra hours of light … isn’t that something to be celebrated in and of itself?!

So all said, I think I’ll start with a quick list. Let’s call this my ‘beginning of Summertime’ list as I am sure I will have one in the middle or toward the end as well. I have chosen some of past Summers photographs to accompany this dispatch. And so without further adieu:

MAV’s Summer
Must Feel

Strawberry Shortcake
Oversized Sweatshirt
Water With Lemon
Bare Shoulders
Loose Pants

Shop Farmer’s Markets
Listen To Leaves Rustle
Take Evening Strolls
Sleep In The Nude
Eat Outdoors
Paint Toes

In Love