30 May 10 • MAV

I am a big fan of change and when it comes I actually prefer it to be rather grand. A small change, eh, but a big change rocks my world! I don’t mind if it sneaks up on me surprisingly or if it comes in slowly and methodically. I usually tend to take change in stride and I am not likely to feel sad at an ending because there is always another beginning.

This week, however, a change came, an ending/beginning, and I feel a little sad.

Field, one of the most wonderful art and design collaborations here in Portland, Maine, is closing its doors. Friederike Hamann and Colin Sullivan-Stevens are two of my very favorite artists, not to mention people, and they have been for years. They have been neighbors, inspirations, and comrades. If you have a copy of Stephanie and my book A Year of Mornings you will find their work, circa 2007, featured on page 94 (June 15th). I really loved that big striped globe!

The good news is that Friederike and Colin are on to new adventures in new places, the bad news is that they will be, well, gone and I will miss them. I will especially miss the way their artwork challenged and invigorated me and the way their small but powerful space anchored our East End arts scene. There will be no replacement for Field.

This past week they hung a retrospective of some of their work over the last four years. It’s just lovely.

A final print (each one hand-colored or blank and left for you to color) is still available in their online shop if you would like to own a last bit of their Field. I got mine and I will add it to my beloved Field collection.

I just wanted to take a moment to wish Fidi and Colin nothing but love and luck as they set out into new undertakings under new stars and I hope they know that they will be dearly missed. XO