14 May 10 • MAV

I can’t remember the first opera I went to or how old I was. I can remember, however, that I used to hate opera. My dad would play it in the house on Saturdays and I would roll my eyes and go up to my room closing the door behind me. When I look back now I am sure I must have been insane! Opera is one of the most beautiful and passionate forms of expression and everyone should try at least once.

Our first trip to The Metropolitan Opera in New York City was years  and years ago now. My dad’s first trip was decades ago. The first time I went we were sitting in the very last row at the top and couldn’t really see a thing … but we could hear and that was all that mattered.

It is always the same now when we go … dress up, meet at the fountain, desserts and champagne at intermission, critical discussion afterward. Lincoln center is a magical place … won’t you come with us for a short while …