26 March 10 • SCB

This week we got away from the city and stayed in a rustic structure in the woods with a group of friends. Our first morning we were greeted by a thick layer of mist blanketing the landscape.

There is nothing I love more than fog and trees.

It was enough to get me to leave my steaming cup of home-roasted coffee behind and take my camera for a walk. I literally chased the quickly dissipating fog across the meadow, my breath visible, fingers stinging with cold.

The grass was coated with frost, so my every step was met with a satisfying crunch.

I had heard the bears were still sleeping off winter, but I kept my eye out for coyotes and the reported cougars in the area. In the end, it felt like just me, the birds and that one bullfrog croaking in the marsh.

Thank you frost-covered, misty beautiful world.