20 November 09 • SCB

A couple weeks ago Jack carved out a little space for me in his office. We collaborate here on architecture projects from time to time, but I’ve always kept my shop work at our house. Working from home has become increasingly hard the past year as remodeling and growing children had squeezed me out into a little alcove in the hallway. Honestly, most of my work was happening on the living room couch (which had become Portland’s largest pincushion).

At some point, the line between work and home life had become blurred beyond recognition—I was never able to fully give my attention to my work or to fully be at rest at home. Something had to change, and this was a suddenly obvious solution. It’s just a short walk from home in an ivy-covered historic building that used to house the telephone exchange.

I brought only work and materials from my current collection along with a little inspiration, so I can stay focused on the tasks at hand (and not overwhelm the minimalist with whom I share the space).

I love my little corner. Just me, my art work and a few of my favorite things. This is where I’ll be packing up all your fall poster orders as well!

Happy weekend.