16 October 09 • MAV

Well truth be told I’ve been hearing music in my head all week long. It has been constant and it has been mainly dance music. In fact, I have often enough found that I have broken out into dance whether hearing Love Train in the drug store (I swayed my hips straight up to the counter to pay for the toilet paper I was buying) or Butterflies on my iPod while driving (picture head bopping and high double snaps while at every stop sign I came up to). ‘Oh Baby You Give Me Butterflies’………. yeah! I’ve been feeling it! But since short of making a dance and music video for 3191 Miles Apart (um, no way) I couldn’t really think of a way to visually document my week-of-music-n-dance so I am going for the next best crazy idea that has been on my mind: looking up.

Earlier this week I was hanging with my 14-month-old nephew and we were laying on the floor for a couple minutes together. Him looking at me; me at him; us both staring at the ceiling then back at each other. I really loved it; not sure why but I did. I decided in that moment that I would lay down in as many places as I could this week and take snaps … just to see what I found. No, before you wonder, I did not lay in the middle of the street but damn near close! It was a fun experiment and one I’m happy to show you …

See! Isn’t this better than a musical number by MAV? (Micheal Jackson and The O’Jays aside, if I had to do a musical number for you I think it would be something a little like this … me as Ginger of course … feathers and all.)