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18 September 09 • SCB

September is really lovely in my Portland. It’s when many of the warm-weather crops are at their best and their ripest—peaches, apricots, summer squash, tomatoes and corn. Most days the temperatures are reaching the 80s. It’s still full-on summer, really. I should be soaking it in. But still, I can’t help rushing fall a bit. I find myself searching out every deciduous tree. Smiling at every seedpod and acorn. Relishing the early mornings when it’s cool enough for a sweater.

I’ve pulled out some of my fall wardrobe workhorses—just to have them at the ready.

I sat down to big bowls of soup for lunch (albeit summer’s tomato).

I covered things in wool and velvet (hey, if it’s too warm for me to wear it, how about these cushions?)

And when I’d almost tired of all the tomatoes, I filled my basket with the first crops of apples and pears.

Happy onset of fall.