22 May 09 • MAV

This week I took a quick field trip to New York City.

I don’t remember exactly when the first time was that I went to New York. I do remember on one early trip, perhaps it was the first, my family and I stayed at a place called The Mayflower Hotel, saw Cats on Broadway and had last row seats for an opera at the Met. I was completely enchanted with the chandelier at the Met … I still am. I think back then New York gave me a stomach ache. In fact, many things did … but that is another story.

In my twenties I started traveling to New York a bit more visiting my brother who lived there and sometimes staying at his apartment in Harlem (with the longest hallway known to man or woman). On my visits the gang would stay out late and wind around the streets going to cozy places I never could have found myself in or out of. In those days I began to think I might actually like New York City.

It was not until my thirties that I started venturing into Brooklyn and understanding the magic of walking over the Brooklyn Bridge or sitting in the back gardens at one of the many incredible pubs or charming dimly-lit restaurants. There is absolutely nothing better than the lighting in Manhattan and Brooklyn … the candle-makers must make a fortune on those two areas of the world alone.

To me it’s all about the nighttime. When I take my field trips to New York City now there are no more stomach aches (although perhaps the occasional hangover) … there is only love and a whole lot of twinkle.