8 May 09 • MAV

On Wednesday I had a most happy accident occur. I was walking home from the Farmer’s Market (yes, it’s finally Farmer’s Market time again, rejoice!) in the drizzly rain and got stuck at a crosswalk. I felt sort of annoyed that the cars were not slowing down for me to pass afterall it was raining and I was on foot while they were safe and dry in their cars.

With a huff I headed down the street to walk another way … lo and behold, while looking down to shield myself from the rain, I saw them.

Stacks and stacks of magazines sitting nicely bundled near some blue bins ready to be recycled. Oooh-la! Early 2000-something issues of Elle Décor and House & Garden were all stacked up and waiting just for me! And they were not too soaked yet from the rain. I grabbed as many as I could hold in my arms and skipped happily home.

This happy accident could not have happened at a better time because I have been itching to make a new sketchbook. With so many blogs and flickr you can just log-on to find inspiration whenever you like but I have been craving something more tactile. It has been years (since college really) since I have had a book to write and paste things into. I keep a ‘home-inspiration book’, as you have seen, but those are just clippings and I never write/sketch in the book. This time I wanted something where I could include clippings, sketches, photographs, a bit of everything, really.

I gave myself an hour because who can give themselves more than that in the middle of a workday? I used natural pH adhesive and clipped and jotted away.

It feels so good to do something creative just for my own brain and heart … no client, no deadline, no one but me in mind. Perhaps I’ll show you my little notebook again when it is months old and stuffed full. This book and I are going to have quite a lot of fun together, I can tell already.