3 April 09 • MAV

This week I had a really lovely time writing on the design*sponge guest blog. Since I don’t really blog anymore it was a real treat to choose an idea and write about it every day. Early on when Grace asked me I knew I wanted to highlight some of my favorite simple pleasures these days here in Portland, Maine. And as it all came together and I had so many photographs I knew it would be a great chance to keep the inspiration going by showing you all a few more.

: : :

Monday: I showed a few spreads from one of my inspiration books (and there is a closer look at a few clippings, some of my favorites, up top).

Tuesday: I went into Ferdinand and chitter-chattered with Diane, the owner. She gave me a good list of her favorites and above is one of mine. She had a friend sew up these sweet scoop-neck tops using vintage fabrics. I think the red-striped one is just right for me!

Wednesday: I wrote about my favorite tea shop in town, Homegrown Herb & Tea. This is such a special place … I wish I could take you all there for tea right now. The image above shows some scraps from Sarah’s chopping blog were she completes every cup of tea. You know how I love scraps!

Thursday: Karen Gelardi brought me into her studio for some drawing inspiration. I have so many photographs from this piece but just room to show you one more. It’s so awesome in the above to see the little scribbling she whipped up right in front of me and of course the pencil shavings.

Friday: And lastly today you will find a not-to-be-missed favorite food books list from the owners of Rabelais. Grace didn’t have enough space to show you this beautiful photograph from Kneadlessly Simple so I’m showing you here. Time to get to some bread-baking!

I hope you relish in your towns’ simple pleasures this weekend and always. Cheers!