21 September 12 • MAV

Some photographs from my week away from home. Love how the colors go together. A total surprise to me!

: : :

Things may be a bit quiet here this week and next as we prepare to open our subscriptions to next year’s issues of 3191 Quarterly on October 5th. We have some fun 3191Q surprises for you alongside the subscriptions offer (can anyone say more pages?!) so we’ll tell you about that in 2 weeks. Cheers, all!

21 September 12 • SCB

Some snapshots from my week. It’s been a busy one.

Things are falling :: Noticing patterns :: The cutest mini-pears :: Time to light the glow bowls :: Hot infused water :: Cool enough for my Turtleneck No. 2 (You are going to want one of these for the fall/winter. They’re almost gone! The most beautiful organic merino wool. Of note, I am 6 feet tall and am wearing a size 2).