21 July 12 • MAV

Above: Blue Spoon

I love my Portland. Sure I grumble about things … can our restaurants turn the lights down, please?! … but this is my home and I imagine it will be for as long as I’m kicking around. To that end, I can’t believe I didn’t update my Portland Favorites list last summer! What was I thinking?? I looked at my old list and so much was out of date. I am sorry for anyone who tried to use it and found that places were closed, etc. Here we are in the heart of summer in Maine once again so I wanted to make sure you got my list in case you were coming our way and wanted any recommendations. I know I am missing things here so I’ll add as they come to me (likely in the middle of the night). Meantime, welcome to Portland and I hope you enjoy our special little city.

Above: Bistro Jacqueline

… in brief …


Don’t Miss!:
• Steak & Fries at Bistro Jacqueline
• Lunch or Dinner at Blue Spoon
• Growler Nights at Bunker Brewing Co.
• The Best Mexican Food at El Camino (Brunswick is a fun place to check out in general!)
• Snacks & Desserts at Fore Street in the bar
• Tea & Scone at Homegrown Herb & Tea
• Pizza Slab at Micucci
• Noodles at Pai Men Miyake
• Bread, Sweets or Sandwiches at Scratch Baking Co.
• Pour-Over Coffee at Speckled Ax
• Croissant at Standard
• Espresso at Tandem

Other Favorites:
• Sandwiches at 158
• Milkshake & Fries at Duckfat
• Wine & Oysters at Eventide
• Donuts at Frosty’s
• Gelato at Gorgeous Gelato
• Fish To Go at Harbor Fish Market
• Corned Beef Hash at Hot Suppa
• Fish or Lobster Roll at J’s Oyster
• Cheese & Sandwiches at K. Horton
• Drinks at LFK
• Cheese Board at Local 188
• Juice & Smoothies at Maine Squeeze Juice Café
• Beer Outside at Novare Res
• Fresh Pasta at Paciarino
• Grocery-Getting & Homemade Soup at Rosemont Market
• Smoothies at Roost
• Cocktails at Sonny’s
• Brunch at Schulte & Herr
• Cheap Tacos at Taco Escobarr
• Late-night Drink at Top Of The East
• Cheese & Meats at The Cheese Iron
• Outdoor Dinner at The Well

Above: Rabelais


Don’t Miss!:
• Unique Homeware at Blanche & Mimi
• Jeans at Bliss (Ask for Michelle to help you!)
• Old Books at Carlson & Turner
• Perfectly Quirky Goods at Ferdinand
• Local Bookshop Goodness at Longfellow Books
• Books On Food & More at Rabelais
• Art & Loveliness at Seawall
• Handmade Goods at The Merchant Company
• Old-School Office Supplies at Wigon

Other Favorites:
• Antiques at Allen & Walker
• Totes & Rugs at Angela Adams
• Good-Looking Goods at Anniebells
• Women’s Clothing & Magazines at Black Parrot
• Second Hand Clothing at Find
• Cute Homeware at Folly 101
• Fun Kitchenware at Le Roux Kitchen
• Vintage & Vinyl at Moody Lords
• Women’s Clothing at Helene M.
• Pretty Homeware at Nicola’s
• Outdoor Gear at Nomads
• Peace, Love & Revolution at Nomia
• Pottery at Portland Pottery Café
• Men & Women’s Clothing & Magazines at Portland Trading Co.
• Full Service Scandinavian at Simply Scandinavian
• Vinyl at Sounds Absurd
• Fun Kids Stuff at Treehouse Toys
• Tons Of Books at Yes Books

Above: Crescent Beach

Above: Two Lights State Park


Don’t Miss!:
• Taking a Very Long Walk on A Beach or A Trail
• Visiting Farmer’s Markets Everywhere
• Jazz on Tuesday Nights at Local 188
• Walking Around (literally) Mackworth Island
• A Movie at Portland Art Museum
• Attending Whatever Is Going On at Space Gallery
• A Massage With Amanda at The Body Architect
• Lounging & Picnicing at Two Lights State Park
• Strolling the West End

Other Favorites:
• Sunset or Moonlit Run on the Casco Bay Ferry
• Walking The Eastern Prom
• Wildlife & Nature at Gilsland Farm Sanctuary
• Wandering Around the Portland Public Library
• Cliff Walking at Prouts Neck
• Art at Aucocisco
• Art at ICA, Meca
• Art at June Fitzpatrick Gallery
• Art at Portland Art Museum
• Art at Whatnot Gallery, Spindleworks

21 July 12 • SCB

This has been the week of the popsicle at our house, and, as we do not seem to be slowing down our production, it might just become the summer of the popsicle.

Last weekend, my daughter and I came across an image (I have already lost track of where!) of a deep freeze filled with all kinds of popsicles. We were inspired.

We set out to fill our freezer. The thing is, the popsicles kept disappearing—taken by all the small hands that are in and out of our house. So, while we were not able to create the popsicle arsenal we imagined, we did get to sample an impressive array. Because we’ve also been doing a lot of berry-picking, we’ve been able to make everything with ingredients we had on hand. We’ve made:

Grapefruit Strawberry Ginger

Lemonade Marionberry

Raspberry Yogurt (similar method to these)

Watermelon Mint Lime

Lime Mint (with whole mint leaves)

Yogurt Fudgesicles (the recipe is in Issue No. 1 of 3191Q)

Lemonade Blueberry

That’s a lot of popsicle sticks!

Our last batch was Marionberry Yogurt which we based off this recipe (we use less sugar).

Yogurt and berries—a perfectly acceptable breakfast.

Next on the agenda? Creamsicles and something made with coffee. We are so not done yet.

Our popsicle mold is this one. Nothing fancy, in fact, it can be kind of aggravating to get the popsicles out.