24 February 12 • MAV

Just about 2 weeks ago my creative accomplices and I stumbled upon a new-to-us-but-old-in-life camera. Now, we are all pretty settled with our preferred cameras and certainly don’t need another but this was one we just couldn’t pass up. We knew it would be well-loved and well-used and just a few weeks later it already is! Let’s be honest, we’re fighting over it.

Just a day after we made this purchase, I loaded the camera with a roll of 36-exposures and took photographs all day. A “test roll.” It was a Sunday. It was the Sunday you see here. I stayed home the entire day not leaving once. I love a good Sunday, don’t you?

Starting at the top with my early rising and coffee/sketching alone. I love a peaceful start to my Sunday and sometimes it’s so nice to be alone. I also needed some time alone on this Sunday to ponder a few last minute decisions (the sketches had to do with my Collection; I can’t wait for May 18th)!

And moving to the image just above: breakfast. On this particular Sunday we opted for skipping the usual pancakes or waffles and had just eggs, kale and toast. When you already have bread from your favorite bakery who needs pancakes or waffles? (Don’t tell the waffles I said that though, please?)

Then a bit of cooking/baking, phone calls and a bit of Sunday housework. Around 2 p.m. the cats always find their way into our dining room for some suntanning. Good thinking if you ask me! … especially for a Sunday.

And of course as the sun started to set I had to get in a few self-portraits. I love the details that age has given this old mirror. It’s always fun to see yourself on film … reminding you that you’re alive, that you’re real!

And the very last part of my ‘Sunday at home with camera’ included settling into the evening with two of our nearest and dearest for dinner and Downton Abby. (I just love Mary, Edith and Sybil, don’t you? Not to mention The Dowager Countess and the whole of the downstairs jumble. Amazing.)

I do love Sundays. It’s such a nice day of the week. I’m sure you’ll see more from this camera … if I can get my turn!

24 February 12 • SCB

Last month I brought home a copy of Tamar Adler’s An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace. I opened it up that evening and read it cover to cover, finishing it in the wee hours of the morning, finding myself both ravenously hungry and immensely satisfied. It is not a cookbook per se, nor a memoir, but instead a sort of celebration of food, of eating and of cooking (the best route to eating). The writing manages to be both entertaining and incredibly straightforward. I found the book simultaneously reassuring and inspiring.

I am someone who cooks because I love to eat, not necessarily because I love to cook. I am not preoccupied by searches for the perfect tool or the most exotic ingredients. I have only a cursory interest in the physics or mechanics of cooking. I like real, whole, unprocessed food, but am otherwise not particularly concerned about the healthiness of ingredients. I want to eat well and within our budget, but don’t look forward to fixing dinner most nights. Still, I found comfort in Adler’s guidance and quite a bit of reassurance in her approach to cooking and eating. Just some of her advice that has lasted with me these past few weeks:

  • Shop weekly for vegetables, then devote a few hours to immediately prepping and cooking them—all of them.
  • Don’t underestimate a good egg.
  • Toast (properly topped) can be dinner.
  • Taste your food as it cooks.
  • A pot of beans is a powerful thing.
  • Keep lemon, brined and pickled things and fresh herbs on hand to brighten up simple foods (or mistakes, see below).
  • Perceived kitchen failures can often be saved.

Happy eating (and cooking)!