23 March 12 • MAV

I call this post: Letter To A Best Friend.


I love the way you keep everything in your home in its place.

I love the way you cherish things.

I love that on every dresser top there is a small art show.

I love that you have a pink perfume sprayer.

I love how you arrange things.

I love that you have so many little treasures.

I love that you have plants hanging in your bathroom.

I love that you make every day seem so special.

I love that spending time with you lingers on and on.

I love you.


: : :

When I travel to Portland, Oregon I am lucky enough to see two dear friends: Stephanie and my friend, Hilary. Hilary and I have known each other almost 20 years. I thought her home might inspire you as much as it did me.


I hope you don’t mind that while you were out at work I crept around your flat and took these photographs.
x, M

23 March 12 • SCB

It was truly fantastic to have MAV here last week. It meant so much to me to have her sitting at my table, to see her playing with my kids, and to walk together to my neighborhood coffee shop. My big regret was that the weather just did not give us a break. It was wet, cold and dismal the entire time. The picnics and hikes and vistas that I had planned to share with her will have to be saved for the next visit.

Portland did manage to show off some color. Trees and bulbs are resiliently blooming despite the rain and cold and sleet and snow (!) we’ve had these past few weeks. I think maybe the blooms are all the more brilliant against the grey sky. I am feeling a little less resilient than the blossoms, however, and am ready for the sunshine that is in the forecast (for one day, but we’ll take it).

I know that much of the country is actually experiencing unseasonably warm weather. Many of you are breaking out your favorite sandals and tanks, uncovering your grills, and planning your gardens. I am happy for you; you give me hope. In the meantime, I am revisiting my winter essentials and survival techniques (the photo above is from 3191 Quarterly Issue No. 2 last year—unfortunately out of print).

I am gathering up all those spring blooms and bringing them inside. I am baking cookies to have with my nightly whiskey. I am lighting candles in the middle of the day and loading up my cart with citrus (along with the few early spring vegetables I have been seeing). Final piece of my own advice I plan to follow? Get outside no matter the weather. Have a great week, everyone.