16 September 11 • MAV

I’ve been spending a lot of time this week thinking about connection (for a work-related project).

I’ve been thinking about how we all have our own busy lives and our own full schedules.

About how we, each of us, have an orbit of support in our families and friends; we have people we can call on when we are in need.

I’ve been thinking about how complicated life can be.

And how simple.

I’ve been wondering what every single person has in common…

I think I found it.

My summer sky film photographs were taken from late June through mid-August here in Maine.

16 September 11 • SCB

I had a day this week where everything was coming up rosy.

Well, truth be told, I was stuck at home caring for my daughter who ended her first week of middle school with walking pneumonia, but I couldn’t help noticing all the rosy pink bits around me.

I think our hydrangeas are at their most beautiful as their color begins to fade.

I don’t have much color or pattern in my wardrobe, but I make an exception for my socks. (My husband and I call this being “a closet clown”.)

A kefir smoothie for the kid on antibiotics (how to make the mason jar to-go cup here, similar stainless steel straws here).

And an Interwoven Tern necklace in the beautiful shade of columbine.