13 May 11 • MAV

Our new issue of 3191 Quarterly is out! Yes!

And it’s our last issue of the first year of Quarterlies. Time really does fly.

Some of my favorite spreads from the last year …

Summer: I couldn’t love Stephanie’s friendship bracelets more. Always drawing big hearts around this project.

Autumn: One of the most fun things I’ve done is have some kids over to make art. It was seriously one of the best afternoons I can remember.

Winter: Our winter hikes in Maine don’t look anything like the hike that Stephanie showed us in this issue. It’s so dreamy.

Spring: In this new issue I really dig having a look into Stephanie’s morning routine. If we continue the Quarterly I can see ‘Routine’ becoming a regular feature.

So that is it! One full year of 3191 Quarterly. We have been honored to be in your homes not just on your computer screens but on your coffee tables too. Thank you for a great year! We’ll keep you posted about what’s coming up next!

13 May 11 • SCB

Spring has sprung! I am very excited to share this issue with you. It has already shipped to our subscribers, and is now available in our shop (please note: our shipping department is closed this week, so all new orders will ship May 20th). Also available is a set of all four seasonal issues, so if you’ve been meaning to order, it’s not too late.

MAV and I thought it would be fun to look back and share some of our favorite spreads from the Quarterly year. Enjoy!

This is my favorite spread from the spring Quarterly. Probably because I am a total sucker for MAV’s blue table, but also because I love rice cakes! (My kids are dying to make those chocolate covered ones).

I loved MAV’s beautiful bloom spread in the inter issue. It brought color to my dreary Oregon winter.

My favorite spread from autumn is this one that features my sweet daughter in her iconic grey beret (she wears it nearly every day).

The blue-green waters, tan legs and sandals in MAV’s field trip from our first issue have me daydreaming about summer. I could stare at it all day.