Jack’s G&T’s —SCB

If there’s something that tastes like sunshine to me, it’s a gin and tonic. Maybe it’s the bright, citrusy, piney scent. Maybe I’ve just finished out so many sun-drenched days sitting on a porch with one, but I can definitely taste the sunshine.

I love the simplicity and unfussiness of a g&t. Get your gin, your tonic, your lime. You’re ready. Don’t substitute soda water for tonic—you need the bitterness of the quinine. If you can find tonic made without corn syrup (Hansen’s soda makes one), that’s awesome. Now, I love gin. I love the herbal astringency of the botanicals, but I like a pretty straight forward London dry gin for gin and tonics. Beefeater or Gordon’s suit me just fine (Tanqueray when I’m feeling fancy).

I don’t mix the cocktails at our house. That’s my husband Jack’s job, and he does it well. Here’s his method.

Jack’s G&T’s
Fill your glass with ice (we use mason jars, but a tall, slim glass is traditional)
Measure out about 3 ounces gin per drink (or to taste)
Pour half the gin into the glass
Fill glass with tonic
Top off with rest of gin
(Optional) quick stir
Run lime wedge along rim of the glass, give it a squeeze and toss it in

See how that works? The tonic gets sandwiched between the gin. And that lime along the rim makes your first sip just right. One more tip: store your gin in the freezer for a properly icy-cold drink.