Gift Guide 2013 —MAV

December might be my favorite month. Things finally slow down for me at work and I have more time to breathe. I love the fun parties, the songs and good cheer. I love the decorations (for me that means fresh pine and white lights). I love the chance to have time to talk with friends more and the chance to give.

A few of my favorite 3191 gifts this year:
+ 3191 Quarterly Subscription (after purchase we will send you a digital card for you to send to your friend)
+ Lena Corwin’s: Made By Hand
+ Blouse No. 1
+ Jennifer Judd-McGee Coaster Set

A few of my favorite little gifts this year:
+ Lip Gloss
+ Notebooks
+ Tea Towels
+ Mugs
+ Napkins
+ Chocolate
+ Tea
+ Body & Hair Oil
+ The Sweetest Peeler

A few of my favorite big gifts this year:
+ Barrette
+ Tall Socks
+ Arrow Cuff
+ Leather Cuff
+ Collander
+ 2014 Calendar
+ Stew Pot
+ Zipper Pouch
+ Calculator

: : :

And now time to get back to more of this …

… merry, merry, all!