Early Spring Happy Things —MAV


I feel a small triumph in my life these days as we have made it to April. Hurray! The long winter is done and we all made it. Sure, I nearly killed my sweetheart from being locked in the house together too much and I put on a few pounds because I couldn’t walk on the sidewalks without falling and I got hooked on Scandal and needed an episode every few days like a drug but it’s all done now! Don’t we feel good?

And to that end, this week I wanted to share just a few things that I’m feeling good about these days. Let me know what you’re feeling good about! (Email mav{at}3191milesapart{dot}com)

Up top — I’m buying the “2 for $12” tulips at the grocery every single week. I can get these babies to last for a full week if I take good care of them (trim them and give them fresh water every few days) so while we are weeks away from buds on our trees, at least I’ve got this flower power in the house!


I finally decided on which Jen Judd-McGee Coasters I wanted and treated myself to a set. I am drinking a ton of hot tea as the season changes (gotta get in those nettles to help with my allergies) so these guys go to every table I set my cup on. Love them and always love a bit of Jen in my life!


I always treat my face to something special at this time of year. The winter in Maine is so hard on our skin! I usually search out a wonderful and luxurious oil. Right now I am in love with Aurelia (as you can see I’ve made a mess of my bottle) and it’s worth every penny. The bottle will last you a year and your skin will thank you.


I have removed all signs of wool blankets from my house and traded in cotton and linen. This is my newest treat from Fog Linen (stay tuned for a little collaboration with Fog soon!). I love the size and weight of this blanket. It has been keeping my warm but not making me itch! And it’s stunning.


I’ve been moving away from heavy snacks as spring has arrived, and going for lighter more energy packed treats. The apple + peanut butter combo reminds me of being a kid so I have been heading this way a few times a week. A little kid-inspired food is always a nice boost in the afternoon.


I’m back in my yellow phase! This hits me for just a few weeks around this time every year so I grabbed a few treats from work and am feeling so pleased with myself. Soon I will match the forsythia. Lovely!