Favorite Items From My Kitchen —MAV

Soon it will be time for me to move once again. What was that you said? Why yes, you’re right. I did just move at this time last year. So kind of you to remember. And yes (sigh), I am moving again in April. This time, however, it’s into our very own flat so I am hopeful this means I’ll be staying put for some time to come.

As I prepare to make this move I once again want to be mindful about what is coming with me and what is going on to a new live at the second-hand shops. If you’ve read my words over the last six years you’ll know that I relish this kind of work. The mindful and deliberate choosing of items that will be in my world makes me giddy with glee. Even last week Stephanie mentioned my clearout post which I happen to think is one of my best lectures on the subject! If you’ve read that dispatch and you’re still coming back to visit you must be very forgiving … I can be rather harsh when it comes to the clearout. I just don’t believe in keeping more on hand than I need. I don’t believe in excess.

So, starting with the kitchen, and in part drawing inspiration from Stephanie’s post, I am sorting out my very favorite items. These are just a couple of my ‘must-haves’. I use these daily and am not quite sure what I would do without them.

My single cup coffee filter.
Since it’s usually just me or just us for morning coffee this little tool is a dream. I grind the beans, drop the grinds in my filter and brew just what I need. It helps me watch myself as I have been known to have too much coffee in one sitting and it’s convenient. It’s also a real winner if I want an afternoon cup or if someone stops by for a cup. I can have a freshly brewed hot coffee for them in minutes without any hassle at all and without a pot of coffee being made that will probably be wasted. Little red filter: I love you!

My cast iron pans.
These are the two I use every day and I have two more. I use the small white one for egg-boiling, soup-warming, oatmeal-bubbling, quinoa-making; I use the larger flat one for pancakes, sauteed kale, chicken sausage, steamed broccoli. I enjoy how easy they are to clean up and how well they take wear and tear. I also enjoy how inexpensive they are. And mainly, I refuse to have too many pans. I don’t need one in every size because I know they would just sit there collecting dust and if you’re in my kitchen just sitting there waiting for an occasion for use is not an option. Even guests are put to work! Cast iron pans: I love you!

My Zyliss spinner.
I could be a door-to-door saleswoman for this greens spinner. If you’re out there Zyliss sales staff: I’m perfectly serious. I’m a big fan! I absolutely use my spinner every single day. I use it to clean all sorts of greens (I’m a bit of a salad and kale nerd) and when I’m not using it to clean greens I use the strainer part for all of my straining (hot pasta, soaked beans, fruit-cleaning, etc). I see no sense in having a second strainer when I can just use this one. It’s the perfect multi-use item for my spare kitchen. And most importantly, it does the job of cleaning greens really well. I usually wash them through twice in the strainer and outer container parts and then spin them dry. There’s nary a drop of water left once you briskly ring them out using the pull and cord mechanism. Delightful! Zyliss spinner: I love you!

My wooden spoons & tongs.
I can get by with these three items plus a whisk and spatula and call it a day. I use my wooden spoons for everything. The one on the right was handmade somewhere in Michigan. I remember purchasing it for my first adult kitchen some fifteen years ago. I need to use Stephanie’s tutorial to give these guys some love when I get into the new flat. Note to self. Anyway, I do go into beautiful kitchen stores and see walls of fancy tools and items calling my name but I just can’t be bothered. Give me these basics and set me free in my kitchen. Wooden spoons & tongs: I love you!

Perhaps as this move draws near I’ll be giving you my list for other rooms. Can’t you just see it? ‘Must-haves’ from the living room; ‘must-haves’ from the bathroom’; ‘must-haves’ from the bedroom. Perhaps this will take over my scarf obsession and you won’t have to read anymore of those scarf-talking posts! We are probably all happy about that.