December is here, and I am settling into the holiday season. I am slowly bringing in the things that mean holiday time for our family—candles and greenery, citrus and nuts. This weekend we will go chop down our tree, and things will truly get festive.

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I am also tucking into my gift shopping and making. I love having a touch of handmade in all my gifts, even the store-bought ones—some spoon oil to go with a cutting board or frayed scrap napkins to go with a pair of ceramic plates, or maybe it’s just the wrapping.


If you are looking for some inspiration for your own personal touch, I wanted to point you to the handmade gift ideas found in past issues of 3191 Quarterly. These are all available as digital downloads which makes it super easy to get started on your crafting right away. We will be closing up our shop at the end of the month, so it’s also your last chance to access these archived issues! Our subscribers have written to me to say that revisit these issues (and the recipes and projects included) again and again. I think you’ll be glad to have them in your craft arsenal.

Issue No 1: Macrame bracelets and naturally dyed bag lights

Issue No. 2: Elbow patches (You can just print the patch pattern directly from your PDF)

Issue No. 3: Herbal bath steeps and shibori silk scarves

Issue No. 6: Hanging plant holders (example in my bath, shown below)

Issue No. 7: Weaving baskets from found vines

Issue No. 8: Branch weaving (one of our most popular projects!)

Issue No. 9: Hand knotted bottle carriers (seen above, holding a candle in a jar)

Issue No. 10: Paper folded stars

Issue No. 11: Watercolor air-dry clay beads

Issue No. 12: Natural dyes and make your own bubble solution


BONUS!! Use the code: HOLIDAYS at by3191 to receive 20% off through 12/10! That includes Beauty & Use tops, 3191Q print issues and sets, signed copies of A Year of Mornings, and these digital downloads!

Happy December!