Brooklyn Botanical Gardens —MAV

In the dead heat of the summer I visited the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens with three of my girlfriends from Maine. We flew down to NY for 2 nights, thanks to the lovely and generous Lena for letting us crash at her home, and had an awesome time. It was hot! I mean damn hot! It’s very nice to think of that kind of heat now (Is this why I’m writing about a summer trip in near-winter? Maybe.) as I huddle near the heat coming off this computer in in my wool sweater. I thought it would be nice for you too to remember summer and its heat.

Among my very favorite things were the sculptural installations by Patrick Dougherty. I absolutely loved them. At first, without rational thought, I sort of don’t know if they are man/woman-made or if nature created them. Then, as I approached, I walked inside and felt as if it doesn’t matter. They belong there. It was extraordinary.

This tree made me smile. Remember The Giving Tree? I sure do. My parents used to read that to me and my brother all the time. Look at those carvings and imagine how old this tree must be? Imagine all the people it has seen come and gaze upon it. What a wonderful tree.

While we were there the workers were cleaning the Japanese Pond. What an enchanting area and certainly fun to see a man with full body waders trimming and caring for the little plants.

We wandered and wandered for a few hours. Did I mention it was hot?? I loved how the paths led you around and around. I drank two coconut waters with ice while wandering near and far and then had to run back to the main entrance to pee. This is something I do all the time. Why don’t I learn? When we were done we were smiling but ready to get out of the heat.

So it was time for lunch in the freezing cold AC at Prime Meats. We had burgers and salads and wine. What a lovely adventure. Thanks for helping me remember. Hopefully I can hang onto the inspiration … and the heat … for some time to come.

Note: On this trip I also visited the Noguchi Museum (see a few pics here). It’s not to be missed.